Privacy Policy

Masslifts encourage viewers to read and understand the terms and conditions of our website policies.


Masslifts recognize that privacy is vital. Its privacy policy applies to masslifts and its subsidiary and other affiliated company’s products, services, and websites. Concerning our viewers point of view, masslift drafted its privacy policy. According to masslifts privacy policy, viewers consent to gather, utilize and declare the information whenever using the site.


Personal details that are uniquely identified with you such as first name, last name, aadhar number, PAN number, birth date, contact numbers, and others may be collected on our site. Some areas of the site suggest you submit details such as our range of online services to access special features and policies.

Various technologies are used by us for collecting information such as the Internet Protocol, cookies, and other features. Our website does not store financial information for any of the viewers.

The information that is gathered by our website does not remain static which may affect your personal information. The IP address assigned to each computer by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the internet is a non – personal information. This is because the IP address may keep changing every time you connect to the internet.

To analyze the problem with the server and to trigger a solution, the IP address provided by the Internet service provider is used

The IP address provides wide information about the computer and helps in determining the fastest route to connect to the computer and also helps in improving our websites.


We welcome the viewer’s communication with the masslifts. The communication through email with masslifts and its staff will be monitored under the law. 


A log file is a computer-generated data file that helps to understand the patterns, activities, operations of the site which is very helpful to improve the services.

We assure the viewers, our system-generated log files do not gather any personal data during usage.


In Order to enhance the service, personal information might be gathered using our sites as per our privacy policy. The site is customized as per the preference of the users and to communicate to the people who had requested the same. These services would help our internal marketing and improve our research motive.

The viewer’s personal information gathered by our site will not be shared with any of the third party including the government except the following conditions,

1) In accordance with the masslifts privacy policy, to fulfill our service to the client, in some cases we may require the third parties to agree. In those situations, personal information might be declared to them if it is necessary.

2)If the personal information is required by relevant laws, court orders, or government regulatory bodies.

3)To investigate any potential violations, we might have to attach the terms and service.

4)To detect and prevent address fraud, security, or any technical issues.


To update or correct the personal information gathered by us all the necessary steps will be taken.


The proper way to exclude oneself from our sale to viewers contact data or to exclude oneself from any kind of internet-based advertisements, viewers might have to submit a request to us.


We always post on masslifts sites, to make sure that the viewers are up to date on all the changes made by us (including the data we collect, how we use it, and in what circumstances we share it to the third parties) in the masslifts privacy policy.